Akhtya--Dushmata-16B-44k-WEB-FLAC-2019-ORDER Download

Release Name: Akhtya–Dushmata-16B-44k-WEB-FLAC-2019-ORDER
Artist: Akhtya
Album: Dushmata
Genre: Ambient
Year: 2019
Tracks: 11
Duration: 01:39:48
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Size: 476 MB

DUSHMATA is a ritual recording invoking and honoring the practices of the daeva-yasna,
called ‘demon worshippers’ in ancient Persian, the Yatus (wizards, sorcerers) and other
heretical worshippers of Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) and the Daevas have early origins in
the Indo-Aryan tribes of the Maryannu and Haumavarka (Haoma-wolves). Ahriman and
the ArchDaevas are invoked by sound and chant. The Hells are a triple sonic structure to
lead the listener into the hidden place of the shadow, dream and the subconscious.

released March 6, 2019

1-1. Akhtya – Abode Of Akoman (07:22)
1-2. Akhtya – Dushmata (Hell Of Evil Thought) (09:54)
1-3. Akhtya – Dushukhta (Hell Of Evil Words) (12:00)
1-4. Akhtya – Dushvarshta (Hell Of Evil Deeds) (09:06)
1-5. Akhtya – Caves Of Cheshmak (Daeva Of The Evil Eye) (11:02)
1-6. Akhtya – Astovidat (Daeva Of Death) (05:54)
1-7. Akhtya – Lifting The Spear Of Havoc (06:16)
1-8. Akhtya – Daevayasna – The Rite Of Ahriman (10:23)
1-9. Akhtya – Taurvi Conquering Wardance (10:32)
1-10. Akhtya – Ahrimanian Fire-Serpent Invocation (11:39)
1-11. Akhtya – Voices Of Savar (05:36)

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