Akhtya–Fallen Angels And Rebel Spirits-16B-48k-WEB-FLAC-2013-ORDER

Akhtya--Fallen Angels And Rebel Spirits-16B-48k-WEB-FLAC-2013-ORDER Download

Release Name: Akhtya–Fallen_Angels_And_Rebel_Spirits-16B-48k-WEB-FLAC-2013-ORDER
Artist: Akhtya
Album: Fallen Angels And Rebel Spirits
Genre: Ambient
Year: 2013
Tracks: 6
Duration: 57:07
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Size: 263 MB

The soundscapes in this recording are intended as inspirational (between a dream and nightmare) astral
realms which are awakened by the listener. With each Word of Power associated with the title is a “Sigil of Sound” of which I first began fashioning with my early work with such recordings by VALEFOR and PSYCHONAUT 75. Along with the other recordings, this will stand as a ritual of sonic black magick; inspiring and finding power via the Will of the listener. Use this for pleasure, insight or deep purpose. The Luciferian Apotheca and I have many more of this series in the works; varied topics and concepts yet each to find a burning fire encircled in darkness shadowed forth by the Sigils of Sound which conjure them forth.

released March 4, 2013

1-1. Akhtya – Belial (Lord Of The Earth) (07:56)
1-2. Akhtya – Prince Of The Powers Of The Air (13:28)
1-3. Akhtya – Mahazael (10:00)
1-4. Akhtya – Lord Of Flies (Beelzebub) (08:47)
1-5. Akhtya – Abaddon (King Of The Bottomless Pit) (07:37)
1-6. Akhtya – Fallen Angels (Into The Depths) (09:17)

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