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The Vision Bleak-Carpathia (A Dramatic Poem)-16BIT-WEB-FLAC-2005-ENTiTLED

The Vision Bleak-Carpathia (A Dramatic Poem)-16BIT-WEB-FLAC-2005-ENTiTLED Download

Release Name: The_Vision_Bleak-Carpathia_(A_Dramatic_Poem)-16BIT-WEB-FLAC-2005-ENTiTLED
Artist: The Vision Bleak
Album: Carpathia (A Dramatic Poem)
Genre: Metal
Year: 2005
Tracks: 8
Duration: 00:41:46
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Size: 306 MB

1. The Vision Bleak – The Drama of the Wicked (00:02:11)
2. The Vision Bleak – Secrecies in Darkness (00:04:23)
3. The Vision Bleak – Carpathia (00:05:13)
4. The Vision Bleak – Dreams in the Witchhouse (00:05:35)
5. The Vision Bleak – Sister Najade (The Tarn by the Firs) (00:04:43)
6. The Vision Bleak – The Curse of Arabia (00:05:20)
7. The Vision Bleak – Kutulu! (00:04:40)
8. The Vision Bleak – The Charm Is Done (00:09:38)




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